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SMFtSOn the 26th of June, this year, a day of action will be held at our school to raise money for the Send My Friend to School charity. Many events will be held with varied prices in order to raise a large amount of money for this charity.

Blog by Oliver Lawrence, Year 9

The Send My Friend to School charity is a global cause and currently has over 4300 schools involved, and the figure is rising every day! It supports children who are uneducated because they simply cannot afford to go to school, cannot make it to a school as there are none in the local area, or are excluded from education on grounds of class, religion or gender. The charity raises money via schools that are involved (such as our Farnley Academy), and uses it to "send our friends to school"!

The 26th of June is the international day of action, all the schools involved will be doing activities in order to raise money. We encourage you to send your son/daughter to school on Friday the 26th with some spending money in order to take part in the activities going on and to support the cause. Many activities will be held, including on additional days, as there are so many activities being held on the Friday that they all can't fit in! For example, this includes the chilli challenge being held by 9D1. Teachers and students will test their strength when eating the world's hottest chillies!

The other activities being held are things such as a bake sale, sponge the teachers, a teachers versus students dodge ball game, and many more! The variety of activities means that everyone will be able to enjoy themselves meaning no one will be left out!

After all, education is the key to a brighter future, and without it, the people who do not have a chance will suffer. There are many people who take our education for granted, but I'm pretty sure someone without education would swap their life for one of ours within a heartbeat!

After all, it's not just our future that should care about...

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