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Peak in Asthma Admissions in September

Data shows that every year, in September, there is a peak in admissions for children having an asthma attack. The cause of this is not clear, however it's believed that when children return to school they are exposed to a number of new environmental factors that can trigger an asthma attack. Children are also exposed to new viruses which can be another trigger of an asthma attack. If children with asthma return to school with their lungs in the best possible condition, then an attack may be prevented.

How can you help?

If your child has asthma and has not had an review within the last year, please arrange an appointment to attend their GP practice over the summer. This gives the nurse or doctor the opportunity to review their medication, check their inhaler technique and give them a personal asthma action plan should one be required. They should then bring a copy of their asthma action plan into school in September. This will give school staff the information required to support students with their asthma in school, which could prevent an asthma attack. It is also important to encourage your child to continue to take their asthma treatment as prescribed throughout the holidays, even when feeling well.

If you would like further information on asthma, please click on the following link www.leedswestccg.nhs.uk/childrensasthma



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