Appraisal System

At The Farnley Academy all staff, both teaching and non-teaching are a part of an annual appraisal cycle. In 2012 we introduced a new appraisal process, which was then modified to accommodate the legislative changes that apply to pay from September 2013.

Our teaching staff appraisal process focuses on the following key areas:

Standard of Teaching and Learning, including:

  • Lesson observations
  • Standard of marking and feedback
  • Student outcomes

Commitment to continued professional development, including:

  • Whole academy areas of focus
  • Reflection on professional development
  • Reflection on the development opportunities undertaken

The impact outside of the classroom, including:

  • A commitment to extracurricular and enrichment opportunities

Teaching staff are set objectives relating to these areas and there is a formal midterm review point, however due to the nature of the appraisal process the progression and accomplishment of objectives is part of regular departmental and line management meetings.

The success of TGAT is founded upon the excellence of its staff. Therefore the policy and appraisal process is created with the expectation that a large majority of the staff will receive an incremental increase each year due to their individual contribution to this success.

Staff who excel in all areas of performance, meeting Beyond Expectation criteria, will be considered for a one-off additional payment, which will be dependent upon the resources of the given academy, and which will be divided equally between those who are eligible.

Throughout TGAT all teachers can expect to receive regular, constructive feedback on their performance and are subject to annual Appraisal that recognises their strengths, informs plans for their future development, and helps to enhance their professional practice. The arrangements for teacher Appraisal are set out in TGAT's Appraisal Policy.

Decisions regarding pay progression will be made with reference to the teachers' Appraisal Reports and the pay recommendations they contain.

It will be possible for a 'no progression' determination to be made without recourse to the capability procedure.

Teachers who are deemed to be an Area of Concern or a Significant Concern will not receive an increment. They will receive the appropriate level of support in order to facilitate an improvement in their performance.

In the case of NQTs, whose Appraisal arrangements are different, pay decisions will be made by means of the statutory induction process.

Teachers' Appraisal Reports will contain pay recommendations. Final decisions about whether or not to accept a pay recommendation will be made by the Governing Body, having regard to the Appraisal Report and taking into account advice from the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). The Governing Body will consider its approach in the light of TGAT's budget and ensure that appropriate funding is allocated for pay progression at all levels.

Across TGAT judgments of performance will be made against using a Matrix. Teachers will be eligible for incremental pay progression following a successful Appraisal and if they meet the requirements for On-Track as detailed by the Matrix.

Non-teaching staff are set a minimum of one and a maximum of three objectives. Progress towards these is reviewed throughout the year at a midterm point, the final review then takes place in July and any applicable pay recommendations are made.

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