Vision and Ethos

'Where there is no vision The people perish'

Proverb 29:18

The GORSE Academies Trust of which The Farnley Academy is a part is made up of four individual academies across the Leeds city region. Each has unique character and an identity which is reflected through a diverse range of strengths.

Each academy will has its own Principal and Local Governing Body which are accountable and responsible to the Executive Principal and the Board of The GORSE Academies Trust. In total the Trust will be made up of over 3,800 students of whom over 600 will be members of a Post-16 partnership which will include an increasing number of Level 4 students.

Students will move freely across the Trust at Post-16, focusing upon an extensive range of Level 1 to Level 4 study. The Morley Academies Trust will be an independent teaching and research institute, with a strong link to the University of York, which will provide validation for taught degree programmes.

The Trust will be renowned for its moral purpose and its belief that all can succeed, whatever their circumstances or background. Lessons will be viewed in both 'live' and 'stored' format by thousands of learners in partner schools each day. This will be a significant source of income for the Trust though its moral and philanthropic purpose will also be reflected in the donation of such teaching materials to a range of developing nations.

The Trust is committed to supporting the development of global citizens, at ease with themselves and each other, with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the midst of exponential change, unprecedented in history. The secret of the Trust's longevity and continued growth will be the wider adaptability of its people, their passion and ability to work in partnership and spark off each other to be creative and innovative.

Government will contract The GORSE Academies Trust because they need integrity, trust and quality when spending public money. They will have confidence in a record of delivery which is truly world class and which provides excellent value for money. Education leaders will know too that it will always remain true to the vision of the original Academy Board and their Executive Principal. The Trust will never be distracted from its mission to secure outstanding educational outcomes for all learners and to champion, develop and accredit as an Advanced Teaching School its exceptional practitioners.

Professionals will come from across the country to learn at the Trust. In turn the Trust will be strengthened by the constant turnover of highly motivated professionals who recognise the organisation's leading role in championing and accrediting the leading and most sophisticated educational practitioners.

The Trust will have extensive reach into government and business wherever it operates and will have established mechanisms for policy development and influencing educational spending.

Furthermore, the Trust will develop as a publisher in its own right. Academics will want to be published by the Trust because of the range and quality of the communities of practice they can reach. The Trust will pioneer the development of and research approach to innovation; consequently academics will work in close partnership with the Trust.

The Trust will have many strengths – most notably the exceptional rates of progress and standards of achievement across all 4 partner academies. It will remain well known also for its cutting edge work on leadership, curriculum, student achievement, communication technologies, as well as educational transitions and progression. It will be outward facing and engage with a wide range of stakeholders, nationally and internationally.

Professionally, the Trust will be renowned as an employer of excellence. Outstanding professional development and training will combine with an extensive range of career development opportunities. Every colleague will feel valued, appreciated and nurtured and many of the Trust's alumni will go on to hold senior positions in educational organisations across the UK.

The Trust's sense of mission and moral purpose will be so powerful that it will work ceaselessly to be future proof and so always it will be open and receptive to new thinking. Such will be the depth of talent and emerging leadership that the Trust will be totally secure in its direction of movement and its succession planning.

The governors and senior leaders of The Farnley Academy are convinced that the continuing development of academy freedoms is at the heart of our challenge as a country to ensure that all young people enjoy access to an excellent education. Currently far too many young people suffer the consequence of socio-economic disadvantage only to have that disadvantage compounded through attending a poor school. Bringing together highly successful schools which have a track record of successful organisational transformation and school intervention and partnership is, we believe, at the heart of narrowing the gap in educational performance locally and nationally.

The Farnley Academy's aims and objectives are built upon its dramatic rates of recent improvement. We believe that all young people, regardless of ability, prosper in excellent schools. Such schools refuse to place limitations on any student's performance and, as a consequence, students become increasingly ambitious and self-propelled as learners. At the heart of our aims as an academy is a recognition that exceptional schools are built upon key foundations: excellent leadership; high standards of professional effectiveness; a relentless focus on improvement; very high standards of behaviour; a constant focus on teaching, learning and innovation; risk taking and succession planning.

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