Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline is centred on three very simple concepts:

  • that all young people enjoy being effectively rewarded for their effort;
  • that most young people need clear guidelines in terms of what constitutes acceptable behaviour; and
  • that effective communication between teachers, parents/carers and students is essential for effective schools.

The Student Planner

Central to our success is the Student Planner. This forms the centre of communication between school and parents/carers. No personalising of the Student Planner is permitted and lost or damaged planners need to be replaced at a cost of £5.00.


Positive recognition of student achievement will be placed in the student's planner in the form of stamps; three stamps leading to credits which in turn lead to a system of achievement certificates.

Students will be expected to meet particular Certificate targets at certain points in the year:

  • Christmas Holiday – Bronze Certificate
  • Easter Holiday – Silver Certificate
  • Summer Holiday – Gold Certificate

Where students achieve ahead or beyond these levels then it can be assumed that academic progress will be accelerated. Where these targets are not met, then parents/carers and students can assume that academic potential is not being fulfilled.

Additionally, students' performance will also be rewarded in other ways:

  • Students from each form group will be referred to a member of the Senior Leadership Team for praise.
  • The sending of 'departmental postcards' each term to students who display particularly high levels of commitment;
  • The continuation and expansion of major awards ceremonies each half term and at the end of the academic year;
  • The linking of other rewards such as trips to academic performance.


At times, of course, we have to recognise and accept that young people will not behave or work in a manner which is acceptable. Where misdemeanours are minor a clear 'verbal warning' will be issued.

Where misdemeanours are more serious or are persistent in nature, then comments will be placed in the Student Planner. If a number of negative comments accumulate over a half term, a full School Detention will follow.

Where student behaviour is particularly disruptive or when three School Detentions in any one subject have been acquired, a period of Isolation will automatically follow.


Isolation is an extremely serious sanction. The Isolation Room has a functional and purposeful environment with a bank of work which covers every curriculum area.

Students will be 'isolated' in the fullest sense of the word. A shorter lunch break will be taken and at no time will the isolated student be allowed to socialise with other students. The room will be fully supervised at all times.

The duration of the day in the Isolation Room will be from 8.30am to 3.00pm. All students who are placed in Isolation must bring their equipment for that day. All mobile phones must be collected by a member of staff and locked away until the end of the day.

A student who is late to Isolation, (arriving after 9am), without a good reason will repeat the full day at the earliest opportunity.

The level of commitment displayed by the student will be recorded on the Isolation Record Sheets at the end of each period with the student's performance being monitored at the end of each school day.

If a student behaves inappropriately in Isolation, they will be issued with a written warning. If their behaviour does not improve, a second written warning will be issued either by a member of the Senior Leadership team or Head of Year and they will have to repeat the day. If their behaviour warrants a third warning, the student will also be given a fixed term exclusion issued by the Principal.


As parents/carers, you will be supporting us by regularly reviewing and signing your child's planner, by encouraging positive performance and by challenging under-performance as you feel appropriate. Furthermore, please do all in your power to ensure that your son/daughter/ward is in correct uniform at the start of the school day. Any student who arrives in school without correct uniform will not be allowed into lessons and will be placed in Isolation. Any student who forgets their planner on or after the second occasion will be isolated. It is also worth mentioning at this point that, if parents/carers are permitting students to have facial or ear piercings, then these should be carried out at the beginning of the next summer holiday so that they can be removed during the school day. Feel free to contact the school through the Student Planner at any time.

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