At The Farnley Academy, homework has a critical role to play in the education of our students. It is an integral part of the total learning experience: engaging young people in learning, improving attainment and achievement, developing organisational skills, promoting independence and developing the good study habits essential for examination success. Ensuring that homework is vital will help to realise our professional responsibility of fulfilling individual potential through outstanding teaching, rich opportunities for learning, encouragement and support.

Our policy aims to develop a strong ethos of personal study so that students can maximise their learning during their time at the Academy and are committed to learning for the rest of their lives – an essential value for the rapidly changing world beyond.

Students are expected to record each piece of homework in their planner. Alongside the description, they will be asked to record a letter from the Homework Key; this will inform the student of the purpose of the homework, whether it is to extend vocabulary (V), to consolidate learning that has taken place in the lesson (C) or to prepare for an upcoming lesson (P). The full Homework Key can be found in the Student Planner.

During Key Stage 3, the expectation is for homework to be set each week across the core subjects (English, mathematics and science) The Foundation Subjects should set homework every two weeks at Key Stage 3. The exception to this are those subjects taught once per week; where this is the case, homework should be set every three weeks;

At Key Stage 4 the expectation is for homework to be set each week.

The Homework Jigsaw

homework jigsaw

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