The ENGAGE Programme at The Farnley Academy has been developed with a clear aim in mind; to provide parents, carers and families with understanding, skills and knowledge to be able to better support their young learners at home. Each session is designed to enable parents / carers and their children learn together in a supportive environment.

ENGAGE sessions are open to students from the relevant year group and any family members they wish to bring along. Each session is hosted by teachers from the relevant curriculum team / area in their classrooms or an appropriate space. It is an excellent opportunity for families to experience a sample of what school life is like for their son / daughter.

The date, focus and invited year groups of each of the ENGAGE sessions are listed below. Most sessions will start at 6.30pm and last for approximately 45 minutes. Closer to the time, please look out for further information in letters, stickers in your child's planner and through both eSchools and text message.

Engage Evening Calendar 2016/17

Date Event Year Group
Tuesday 22 November Design Technology and Art 9
Wednesday 30 November SEND  
Wednesday 30 November CAIG 7
Monday 9 January GCSE Music 11
Thursday 2 February CAIG  
Wednesday 8 February H&S/CD Careers Evening  
Wednesday 1 March SEND  
Tuesday 7 March PE 7
Thursday 9 March English 10
Tuesday 18 April WAC and Accelerated Reader 7, 8
Tuesday 25 April Media and Film Studies 11
Tuesday 13 June Drama and Music  7, 8, 9
Tuesday 20 June GCSE PE Information Evening 9
Monday 10 July SEND  
Wednesday 19 July Mathematics 9

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